Border Patrol Reports 2,600 Migrant Apprehensions per Day — Just in 3 Sectors

Border Patrol Reports 2,600 Migrant Apprehensions per Day — Just in 3 Sectors
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Border Patrol chiefs in three sectors of the southwest border with Mexico report a daily apprehension rate of more than 2,600 per day during their most recent weekly recaps. The reports from these three of the nine southwest border sectors exceed President Joe Biden’s new executive order imposing a cap of 2,500 migrants per day on a seven-day average.

On Tuesday, President Biden issued an executive order capping migrant encounters along the southwest border at about 2,500 per day, Breitbart News reported. The weekly recap reports from the chief patrol agents in the San Diego, Tucson, and Del Rio Sectors indicate more than 2,600 migrant apprehensions daily. This average does not include the Rio Grande Valley, Laredo, Big Bend, El Paso, Yuma, and El Centro Sectors.

Weekly Update, 5/29/24 – 6/04/24
-8,488 Apprehensions from 61 countries
-160 Unaccompanied Minors Encountered
-35 Rescues
-34 Human Smuggling Events Interdicted
-30 lbs. Cocaine
-$8,600 Currency
-23 Smuggling Conveyances

*Reposting with corrected numbers

— Chief Patrol Agent Patricia D. McGurk-Daniel (@USBPChiefSDC) June 6, 2024

In their most recent weekly recap posts on social media, the sector chiefs in the San Diego, Tucson, and Del Rio Sectors indicate the apprehension of 8,488, 7500, and 2,389 migrants, respectively. The total for these three sectors is 18,377 migrants — 2,625 per day.

Breitbart Texas contacted Border Patrol officials to ascertain what steps will be taken to shut down the border as President Biden’s cap of 2,500 migrants per day has been exceeded. An immediate response was not available.

Week in Review…

7,500 Apprehensions
241 Federal Criminal Cases
28 Rescues
23 Human Smuggling Events
6 Significant Arrests
6 Narcotics Events
4 Firearms Seized

— John R. Modlin (@USBPChiefTCA) June 7, 2024

Breitbart Texas reported, citing an unofficial Border Patrol chart, that during the month of May, Border Patrol agents apprehended nearly 118,000 migrants — more than 3,800 per day. The May apprehensions were the third-lowest month for migrant arrests during the Biden era. During Fiscal Year 23, agents apprehended an average of more than 6,780 migrants per day. So far this fiscal year, agents apprehended approximately 6,715 migrants per day.

Del Rio Sector Weekly Recap 5/26/24-6/1/24 #lawenforcement #usbp

— Chief Patrol Agent Robert Danley (@USBPChiefDRT) June 4, 2024

Texas Governor Greg Abbott responded to the president’s executive order as a “smokescreen for President Biden’s failed open border policies.” He added, “This executive order will do nothing but further an invasion into our country, inviting thousands of unvetted illegal immigrants to cross the border every single day—the exact opposite of shutting down the border.”

Abbott said Biden’s order “essentially legalizes the millions of illegal immigrants already in our country and allows thousands more to illegally cross our southern border daily.”

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