NBA Star Says Caitlin Clark Could Score in the NBA, But Trans Athletes Debate ‘Irritates’ Him

NBA Star Says Caitlin Clark Could Score in the NBA, But Trans Athletes Debate ‘Irritates’ Him

Denver Nuggets Star Michael Porter Jr. recently gave WNBA star Caitlin Clark high praise and noted that, in certain instances, she could probably hold her own against the men of the NBA. Still, he added that the broader transgender athlete debate irritates him.

Last week on the Full Send Podcast, Porter said that when he finally sat down to watch Clark play, he was astounded at how good she is, Fox News reported.

“She’s cold, though, bro,” he said.

Porter added that he had not watched her before until the NCAA tournament and added, “I was, and I was actually, like, in shock with how good she was,” Porter said.

The power forward then dished out high praise, saying, “The way she moves and then the range she has, like she’s like the female Steph Curry.”

Later, though, the conversation brought him to the topic of transgender athletes, a topic that he says “irritates” him.

“Most women can’t compete with men, and I don’t think men should be able to transition and play with women. That whole conversation just irritates me,” he insisted.

While he appreciated Clark for her playing ability, Porter seemed to think far less of Clark’s rival, Angel Reese. When asked if Reese could do well against him in a one-on-one shooting contest, Porter just laughed.

Porter may find Clark to be a standout player in the WNBA, but the committee tasked with choosing America’s women’s basketball Olympic team is apparently less impressed.

The Indiana Fever star, who has repeatedly racked up record after record after only three months into her WNBA career, was excluded from the list for Team UA players, much to the dismay of many fans.

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